Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy 1111th day!

Today marks the day of 1111th day from the day Jo was born. How time flies as he is 3 now! In fact 1111th day isn't such a special day to talk about, but just jot down a bit to memorize this day.

weight - 18kg
height - 104cm
  1. He loves egg tart, but not the pastry. So, papa has to eat pastry that leftover by Jo.
  2. He loves raisin bread, but not the bread. So either papa or mommy has to eat the bread.
  3. He loves apple, kiwi and grape.
  4. He loves to eat meat especially duck meat.
  5. He takes 3 to 4 times milk daily with 8oz per time. Depends on how much he eats during his breakfast. If he is full, then 3 times are enough.
  6. He takes 3 meals per day. He is a small eater during breakfast, but lunch and dinner are ok as he can finish a plate of rice (as much as papa).
  7. He naps once daily, normally around 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Doze off again around 11pm.
  8. He has mild eczema on his legs and hands. Eczema gets worse if he takes duck meat. He needs to apply Cetaphil after each wash.
  9. He has sensitive nose so that we have to minimize the use of air-cond. Otherwise, he'll get runny nose easily.
  10. He likes to watch fighting cartoon especially Ultraman and Power Ranger, hence he always impersonates himself as either character and wants to buy some "representative" stuffs.
  11. He likes to do cycling.
  12. He can sing, but mostly like reciting as no rhythmic found.
  13. He understands well when we're talking hakka, but hasn't managed to converse well.
  14. His favourite catchphrases are "no manners" and "what are you doing"? (In English)
  15. He asks tons of question everyday, he'll ask QUESTIONsssssssssss on a simple sentence i said, e.g, if i say "Jo, come here and sit down", then the questions will like never ending comes out from his mouth. Somemore, he likes to ask questions while we're watching TV. So, i think not suitable to bring him to Cinema, as i guess people sure will throw us BANANA.
  16. The Crocs's shoe size he wearing is 12-13, but still have some empty space behind as he can't fit size 10-11. Imagine how big of his feet.
  17. He wants me to tell him story before bedtime, basically everyday is a same story which created by me. He doesn't like other stories, just want about "the dog bites the bad guy's buttock" story.
  18. He uses non-sterilized bottle now (i stop sterilizing his bottles 2 days before his third birthday as i didn't bring the Sterilizer back to China).
  19. He takes 2 tablets of spirulina daily. Spirulina is good to prevent constipation. He has constipation sometimes if taking too much of apple.
  20. He uses Kodomo (Strawberry flavour) toothpaste now.
  21. Other than his blanket, he would hold "something" while he is sleeping. Normally is his toy.

This early morning, he asked me a very funny question, "why my bird bird is standing there?" (做么我的bird-bird会站起来的?)

Hubby answered him "because you want shee-shee". It seems like he is getting older and ready to ask some shameful but must know questions.

What else? I can't remember...will jot it down when i remember.
Happy 1111th day!


Vien said...

Hehe..didn't know little boys bird can stand up in the morning. Happy 1111st day to you, Jo!

Anonymous said...

how time fly... i will feel like crying Sean grow up so fast.. yet i know.. someday i must let go

Anonymous said...

ok.. good news u have been tagged

sue said...

Wow... happy 1111th day and my, your boy really got big feet wor. I thought Ivan's one big already...

shoppingmum said...

Wow, happy 1111th day!!! Big boy already...Gonna be a koh koh soon too.

mom2ashley said...

wah count until 1111 days huh?
why bird bird standing? LOL!

Binky, Blogging & Such said...

Wow... great number (1111)! Happy 1111st day to you, Jo!

chooi peng said...

Happy 1111 day!!
Jo can eat quite a lot ah...

Blogie-Talkie said...

Happy Day to Jos got a mom that are so detail about his growing up....
Happy Happy

LZmommy said...

Happy 1111th day! Realised Jo is taller than Z. :)

Annie Q said...

Happy belated 1111 day!!

huisia said...

Hi ALL - Thanks so much!!

blurblur said...

Hehe..nice number, 1111!

Happy belated 1111 to JO! :)

Damien asked the same 'bird bird' question the other day too! :P

Zara's Mama said...

Aiyo.. he really knows how to ask questions huh? :P

Eh.. how you keep track it's 111th day?

huisia said...

Zara's mama - Emm...111th day i can't remember lo..that time i haven't started to blog..what a waste!

Hijackqueen said...

WAh, how did you manage to count the days ah? So free hor. Happy 1111th day, Joseph.