Thursday, April 02, 2009

Book reading

What a great day to spend my day reading and enjoying a cup of Mocha in the settee! However i have to sacrifice my loved hobby as i simply do not have time to give my book a good read with 2 active kids around. So my reading time left with miserably little and i only can read my book while doing my "big business" in toilet. :)

Although i can't continue my reading ever since i became a mother, i still read books to my kids before sending them to bed. Cultivating a love of reading since young is crucial for every kids, so no matter how busy of my day i still spend a little time to read for my kids. And, i have been planning to buy more children books from bookshop too. I really don't mind to sacrifice my own reading time but continue reading more and more for my kids. I hope they will love reading just as their mother, and i believe a kid who loves reading definitely will be a good kid!

I believe i can go back to my own reading routine very very soon, it's just a matter of time! A good hobby won't be faded out with a heart there. Don't you agree?


blinka.Li said...

cultivating good reading habit is important. Imagine them reading for hours which will free you for hours in return....kekekeke But reading is a really good hobby which i find lacking in the youngsters today. they prefer the cyber world.

SyafzPIC said...

why don't you put the 'Followers' gadget???