Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family vacation

I am trying to plan my first family vacation, hope the plan can be materialized in this coming Christmas. I am so craving to have a good quality as well as relaxing vacation, but i have 3 little kids and the youngest is just about a few months old baby. Gosh, can anyone tell me how to start my vacation plan? It sends chills down my spine when i just about to think of the baggage, 2 adults plus 3 little kids, gosh, the baggage may definitely exceed the allowed weight. Budget is tight so i definitely have to well plan everything. As for the hotel room i wonder can all the 5 share a room? Be frankly, our family do not need any luxury hotel room, as long as there is beds and attached bathroom then it's enough for us. Having said so, i wonder does the hotel guy allows 5 of us squeezing in just a room?


MK mummy said...

hahaha... the packing is enough to stress u out.

blinka.Li said...

i can't imagine it....lots of diapers and wipes maybe..:)

Physiomom said...

He He's nt dat bad lah travelling with 3 kids. Mine 4 somemore. Better still when the youngest is above 2 yrs old, then u can relax a bit.