Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Branding Company

I have been wondering what should i do if i really stay in KK next year. I prefer to have my own career and it's better to have double income so at least i can help minimizing my hubby's burden. Some friends of mine have suggested me to start my own business, i actually have thought about it before because having own business is much more flexible than working for others. I need a flexible work so that i can still take care of my 3 little kids.

Having own business can have lots of pros and cons too, so i definitely need an expert help before i can start my business. The first thing i wonder is how to make known my business since i am totally a newbie in running business. Perhaps Branding Company may help me since a good branding is eventually helping to business growth and help standing firm in market. Succeed a business is not only targeting in getting more customers but also important to know what is he ethical marketing around and how to build a credibility and loyalty among customers. Yes, it has lots of things that i should learn if i really start my own business.

Actually now everything is in preliminary plan, i still have to think a lot before i can really confirm to stay here and start my own business.

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