Friday, August 21, 2009

Kid's furniture

Yeah, it's weekend! How time flies and my boy will have 1 week school holidays which will be starting tomorrow. Actually he has been staying at home since last Tuesday due to the H1N1 phobia and he was sick at the beginning of this week, so i didn't send him to school at all. Everyday is fun day for him because he can watch his favorite telly program from the morning till night. I didn't disallow him to watch telly because i do not have much time to coach him in doing his homework, sigh, pretty guilty actually.

However, i will bring him out tomorrow since he has been quarantined at home for so long time, he definitely needs to go outside in order to have more fresher air. Where is the best place to head for? Yes, the tropical garden nearby my house is the ideal place for him. But before i take him out i have to order preschool furniture so that he will have new set of kid's furniture in his own bedroom.


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