Saturday, October 17, 2009

Silver anklet for baby

My friend has just given birth to a baby boy last Tuesday. Congrats Yen! This is actually her second boy, i know she actually wants a baby girl badly, but having a baby boy doesn't mean a shortchange in one happy family, right?

Nothing better than buying a silver anklet for a baby boy because most Chinese believes silver is great to be used as one's body informer and it has been largely used on babies. According to old folks, silver can tell baby's body condition, if the silver shows red in color then means it has wind in baby's body, whereas if the silver shows black in color, then means the baby is too heaty. Actually i'm truly believed such indications as it is quite true happened for my little baby too. Do you believe silver can perform such useful indications? Do try it for your baby, it is not harm for wearing silver indeed.

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