Sunday, October 04, 2009

USD3 everyday for getting my VPN

I am back in SZ, but damn it, most of the foreigner websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are being blocked in CN. So if you want to access the mentioned websites, then you have to use proxy. But bear in mind, none of the proxy can work well, if it allows you to logon to FB, it maybe not allows you to do anything in FB because most of the proxies are not supporting Java applications.

A lot of people have recommended to use, of course i did use it but i could only read the status and see the photos but i couldn't comment them. In this circumstance, then why do we login to FB? It doesn't sound fun at all, right?

You want fun? Well, as long as you are willing to pay then you can get your fun. I want fun, so i have to pay USD3 daily for surfing freely in CN. It doesn't sound expensive if you count it daily, but it sounds expensive if you count it in monthly (USD3x30=USD90). But don't worry, i still can get discount if i extend my plan monthly or even bi-monthly or tri-monthly. Haha, no way to stop me from accessing those websites.


SimpleJenn said...

I didn't know Cn has such restrictions on that for Facebook. Must be frustrating for u at first.

esther said...

Hi Hui Sia,

You are back in CN? Hope you all doing fine there. Keep us update of your life there. Take care!

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, my BIL was in shenzhen a few weeks ago and he misses his FB very much - mafia game. He actually used something to bypass it and can play games and post comments too. If you like...i can check with him what he did :D