Sunday, October 25, 2009

No more aunty look

It's once an aunt said this sentence to me,
"HS, you do not look like a mother of 3..."

Yes, i do not look like a lady who had given birth before, not to mention how many kids i have. The current look i have is actually a result of having 3 kids, sounds pretty ironically. Been having tired life everyday and also been reducing carbohydrate intake at the same time, that's why i can get back to my secondary school life weight, which is 56kg. I was at 68kg right after my confinement, but after putting my effort into controlling my weight, i have finally reduced 12kg in less than 5 months time. And today, i finally can get myself a slim jeans at size 26. :-)


MK mummy said...

cool.. I am still taking lots of carbo... have to cut down too.

I also just bought a new pair of jeans.

Krystal said...

Well done, still so slim after 3 kids. Even when I was a girl, and a mummy now, I've never been a size 26 :(

Pete said...

Wah size 26, slim leh!

etceteramommy said...

soooooooooo envy you!!!! so just cut down on rice??

reanaclaire said...

wow..size 26 after 3 kids..?? i never had that size after my 3 kids.. 28 now least.. hahaha..