Friday, May 28, 2010

The doorbell woke my baby

It's pretty hard to put my girl to sleep, sometimes i need more than an hour to get her fall into her slumberland. Due to she is a light sleeper, so normally i will unplug the telephone cable and let my handphone stays silent when comes to her nap time. Sometimes i have luck to let her fall asleep pretty fast whereas sometimes the luck is not with me. Like just now, the doorbell has woken my baby who was almost falling asleep. I hate the sudden doorbell to bits, gosh, why does people always choose wrong timing to disturb us? Perhaps i should try configuring how to off the sound of doorbell whenever i wanna put my baby to sleep? Or do you have others good doorbells that you can introduce to me? Better something with few functions, be it produces musical sound or animal sound, or be it can switch on and off by using remote control, or better it gives vibration! Actually got such a doorbell available in market?

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