Friday, May 28, 2010

Online SAT Prep Courses

My aunt pretty worries her daughter's academy score because her daughter will be attending university after this Summer. However, as her daughter's cousin, i trust her ability and strength, what's more she has been attending the sat prep courses that provided by accredited and famous Knewton. In another word, the courses provided by Knewton are tailored courses that can meet individual needs. So, what i think is, my aunt's worries are simply extra!

During those old days of my college time, i had few friends took Knewton's online SAT Prep courses too, they actually scored excellently although they learned everything through online. So, who says students cannot score well when they do not attend class and meet the teacher physically? I tell you, even the online video and online classroom can be as lively as you see the classroom physically and meet the teacher face to face!

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