Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A modern house

We recently have just seen a house where it has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, i like the house very much but it sells at RMB2million, so sounds a bit unaffordable to pay for such a high cost house. The house locates in prime location and has 2 MRT stations nearby it, other than that, the famous primary and secondary schools are just opposite the house too, that's why the house needs RMB2million due to those pleasing amenities nearby. The design of the house is modern and it comes with contemporary furniture, as for the master bedroom's bathroom, it has walk in tubs as well. Both of my hubs and me like the house very much, but the problem is, we can't afford to pay RMB2million at one go because we are foreigner and cannot get mortgage loan from bank unless we can have a local person as our guarantor. But, don't think people like being guarantor since it is way too risky.

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House and land said...

You should find a house below your price range. Otherwise, you may tease yourself into an unmanageable financial burden.