Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How to raise kids without raising voice?

My little boy has been acting grumpy these days, be frankly, my mind goes bonkers everytime he screams and cries out loud there, and for certain of time i really felt like throwing him out of my house.

One of my friend said i should learn how to raise my kids without raising my voice, well, i wish i know how not to raise my voice over my kids too. You know, sometimes i feel pretty ashamed when i raising my voice over my kids as guessing that most of my neighbors can hear my thunder-like shouting voice. Having 3 little kids at home are way too exhausted and also a quick weight loss method for me. Don't you know that i have actually lost 15kg ever since my third child was born?

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RoseBelle said...

Oh I know what you mean here. I have three kids too and well well, summer time is here so that means all three of them will be home. I will be having them do summer activities. It IS hard to not be angry and raise my voice to my kids but I learned a technique where I send them to their room until I feel calmer to discipline them. It has worked for me.