Monday, June 28, 2010

Like mother, like daughter

My little girl has grown up so much, from a fragile baby to a pretty toddler. :-)

Like mother, like daughter, she likes to try out new and pretty things. I got her a pretty dress the couple of days back, she simply couldn't off her hands away the dress when i let her trying out the dress. Obviously, she admired her dress a lot.

I got the dress online, so it's a bit large for her. I think she can only fit the dress perfectly next year, but i can't wait any longer, so i have sent the dress to tailor and asked for amendment. Let's see how's the final result of the dress....

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RoseBelle said...

You're such a doting mom to your lil girl. Sometimes I can't wait for my daughters to grow into their clothes too. I hope all will turn out fine with the tailoring.