Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is the best for anniversary gift?

Hubby and me had just celebrated our 7th ROM anniversary on Monday. We had a great dinner at hotel. How great? It was a dinner without kids tagging along, so both of us could enjoy our dinner serenely. As for the anniversary gift, well, i didn't receive anything from hubby, so was him. At first i thought perhaps he would buy me a bouquet of flower, well, it seemed that i had been thinking too much because i got nothing from him. My friend said i should persuade him to buy gold coins for me, no, i did not too. In fact i have not made up my mind what i want him to buy for me because i do not lack anything right now, perhaps i should ask for a vacation, of course a vacation just for 2 of us. Bringing kids along will definitely spoil our mood.

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RoseBelle said...

I always ask my husband to buy something simple or if he wants to splurge, then definitely Chinese paintings. I love landscape scenery, dragons and phoenix, flowers, and all those good stuff. As for my gift to him, I always buy him a small cake.