Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gold is the best

I am not really a 100% shopaholic, but at times i still wish i can spend crazily. I have been confining at home for quite awhile, gosh, the shopping bugs are all biting around me and i even can hear a little voice whispering into my ear "browse the online boutique and start expending till you drop"! No, i have to fend off my spending desire, that's really no point to spend on luxury or something extra, right? I have to save for future, or maybe just expand the current amount i have. How about buying gold coins? I have been told "keep gold is better than other form of metals alloy" since i was young, that's why i asked for gold wedding ring from my fiance (hubby now) instead of following the platinum trend blindly.


Abdominoplasty Surgery said...

Great idea to buy jewelry made of gold. That can ensure that it will have some value, even if the gold standard does decline. Smart investment tip :)

Orthopedic Neck Pillows and Covers said...

Smart idea. Why not invest your jewelry into gold products! I like your thinking