Thursday, July 15, 2010

I still prefer to be SAHM

It was a lady approaching me when i was having my lunch at the restaurant just now. At first, she talked to my friend's baby, and kept praising how cute the baby was. After a while, she handed over her name card to us, then we only managed to know she was trying to promote her products for us. She is an agent of Amway. I didn't mind to listen to her products but i was annoyed with the way she pestering us to register as a member under her team.

She even said i should give myself a chance to see how wonderful of being in corporate world! Gosh, perhaps she thought that i had never been in rat race world.

Actually i am not interested in direct selling. If i really want to work again, i will choose to be insurance agent. Insurance is selling like hotcakes nowadays especially the life ins.

Having said that, i am satisfied with my current life although being a mother is always a tedious job. So for the moment, i still prefer to be SAHM!

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