Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jem at 7 weeks old

Jem at 7 weeks old today! Time is definitely fleeing without much realizing.

She hardly smiles ever since she was born, perhaps she has not been feeling well so she only gives her smile generously after she vomits. Poor baby indeed.

I feed her different types of Chinese medicines everyday, seems like those medicines are good for her to expel her stubborn phlegm, however, her stubborn phlegm likes hard to be cleared because i still see those greenish and sticky phlegm in her vomitus everyday.

As for her noisy breathing, it does frighten me a lot and it goes worst at night due to the temperature changed. Her nose will have more secretion when the temperature dropped and the secretion will make her more difficult in breathing. For the past couple of days, i had been googling internet for more information about noisy breathing, actually noisy breathing is not a serious problem for infant, but i somewhat feel very heart wrenching when i see my baby breathes.


janice said...

Dun worry huisia whn she is 2-3 mths she will be perfect !!.. hehehe..

blinka.Li said...

don't worry too much. Just monitor her a bit and consult your doctor. Maybe don't try too many types of medicine for you won't know which is actually good for her. The best is to breast feed and they will surely get a lot of goodies from u already! take care!! she will be alright soon. My 2nd boy also hardly smiles at first, lots of wind in the tummy and stuffy nose too. Now he is fine!! just hang on there!