Thursday, June 11, 2009

Problem kids

The little boy had nose bleeding twice yesterday and the baby was like having breathing difficulty, so off i sent them to hospital. So the whole morning, i was rushing here and there, other than sending the kids to hospital i still had my own doctor appointment around noon time. Luckily the kids were quite behaved, otherwise i would go berserk.

The boy's nose bleeding problem is under controlled now, but the baby, sigh, is having flu now, most probably got infected. I hope she would really get infected and not having innate respiratory problem. Doctor said she has noisy breathing and her lungs are cleared, so her problem is just on upper part. I worry this is a pre-symptom to get asthma! Doctor said could stop the noisy breathing by inserting the tube into her nostrils and suck the stubborn phlegm out, however, doctor said she doesn't need to go through the suction now unless her lungs are infected too.

Actually, she is like having breathing problem ever since she was born, that's quite worried me all the while, so i swear to myself i will breastfeed her as long as i can and hopefully she can outgrow this problem soon.

What i can do now is take more nutritious foods to ensure i have quality milk, and i have to buy her a good pillow, according to doctor, let her lying on her tummy on a pillow can help her breathing well. Of course, life insurance is also a must now. I think i better call my insurance agent and have further discussion on insurance.

Sigh, i am so stressed now! And i so yearn for a good quality sleep now too!


blinka.Li said...

oh poor thing. My Jung also had some kind of stuffy nose ever since born, then after that was us who caught flu and pass to him. But thank goodness he had fully recovered and now is sleeping with us in the air con room!! Try to do away with a/c for now until she is breathing alright for a/c tends to be very DRY...take care!!

Wonderful Life said...

Hmm... my Ryan also had noisy breathing (very loud sound) since born. But doc says nothing's wrong as there his lungs were ok.