Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I need a good mobile phone

I have been active in surfing net lately, i surfed even i was lying on the bed or even breastfeeding my baby. I like this kind of net surfing as i no longer have to glue myself in front of my laptop, thanks to the WAP service provided by my phone network provider. You have guessed it right, i have mobile surfing and had even got my term life insurance quote successfully though my mobile this morning. Yes, my internet life is no longer limited on laptop!

I am currently using Nokia N78, actually not an ideal phone to have net surfing since the screen is small and it doesn't have convenient keypad like what Blackberry has. That's why i am seriously thinking to buy myself a Blackberry Storm. But i wonder would my hubby nod his head and agree to pay since he had just spent few thousands on my LV bag.

All the while i am such a lady who loves to join the latest gadget bandwagon, and i have fallen in love on this Blackberry Storm at my first glance. Since then i have been surfing hi and lo to find out more details about this phone. Surfing net 24x7 is my daily ritual, but the time for online has been dwindled a lot ever since my baby was born, she actually has taken most of my time due to she is a high demanding baby and asking for carrying whenever she is awake. So a handy gadget which can let me online anytime will be much appreciated now. What a lame excuse here! :)

I like net surfing, blog hopping, facebooking and twittering, thus, i want an ideal phone to get connected.

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