Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lil. Jem

I had just bought a pillow for my Jem, she needs a good pillow so that she can sleep on her tummy to ensure she won't have breathing difficulty. According to doctor, this is a best way to let her breathe comfortably, but of course i need to supervise her whenever i put her to sleep on her tummy.

I have been feeling pretty sad and thinking negative even since little Jem was born, the reason perhaps due to those funny hormones changed, be honestly i am really unsure why i have been suffering such a mental torturing.

I need a rest, truly need it as i have not been sleeping well since the day 1 i discharged from the hospital. What's more now the baby has noisy breathing, that's worrying me a lot and yesterday she suddenly liked she couldn't recover her breathe after choking while drinking water, and her face color changed too. That's shocking my mother a lot as the time was my mother to babysit her.

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blinka.Li said...

cheer up mummy!! Your baby will feel your emotions and get affected you know..they are the sensitive lots. By the way, both my boys sleeps on their tummies since about day 5, that is about time they have jaundice and i need to switch and turn them on the uv lights. But as you say, you need to watch them a bit. But most of my frens babies sleeps on tummy, they slept better without 'shocking'and waking up...take care though!