Thursday, August 19, 2010

So into baking

I am so into baking lately, but sad to say that i am the always one who has to finish all my baked food because my kids are not so interested in tasting my baked cake and bread, as well as my hubs. :(

Having said that, their not so support attitude do not affect my personal passion over baking, actually i bake even more than before. Be honestly, i love baking more than cooking, or i should say, i am forced to cook because i am a full time mother who has to take cake of my kids' meal.

I have been thinking to learn proper baking skills, who knows it may later become my life long profession? As of now, i can only get custom cake toppers to decorate the cake which i purposely bake for my friend for her wedding day. How i wish i knew how to make fondant...

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