Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everything about his art class

My Jo can draw quite well, so as his mother, i always be generous to send him to art class although learning art here is quite expensive as compared to Malaysia.

I paid RMB780 (RMB660 art fee and RMB120 material fee) for the Summer art class (12/7 to 16/8), and on 20/8, i paid another RMB1760 (for one semester which is 5 months) so that he can continue learning his art at this famous art center here.

RMB1760 derived from,
1. RMB660 art fee + RMB120 material fee
2. RMB760 craft fee + RM220 material fee

I got him a drawing tube at RMB48 yesterday from YoYi bookstore, so now he can keep his masterpieces nicely into this drawing tube. It can be stretched to any desired length, for Jo, this drawing tube simply looks like a GUN and he loves to play it. Been playing it for a whole night yesterday.

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