Saturday, September 25, 2010

Better keep insurance

You will understand how importance of keeping insurance if you have paid an expensive medical fees once. We are not staying in a country where some of the law firms will help you to fight your medical compensation back, that's why we need good insurance to protect ourselves in order to keep our mind peace. I have an uncle who has been having severe kidney damage after taking Trasylol during his heart operation, but sadly to say, he cannot file a Trasylol lawsuit like people in Texas. Your jaw drop if you happen to see the medical bill of my uncle. And very unlucky, he has not been protected himself with health insurance too.

I now seriously found that not every medication is safe to be taken, even those prescribed by doctor are not 100% safe. That's why i rejected to take Accutane to treat my acne, we can't file an Accutane Lawsuit here, so why i still want to risk my health and waste my money? Better look for a natural way to cure my acne.

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