Thursday, September 02, 2010

Whatever will be, will be.

My elder boy hates learning violin, that's why i have been seriously thinking to stop sending him to violin class. Learning violin is not cheap here, i pay RMB500 every month. But sadly to say, after long 8 months of learning, i still cannot see any improvements from him. He even makes mistake when pressing the strings of violin and he has problem to read the music notes too. So tell me, should i stop forcing him in learning violin?

He likes drawing, basically he draws quite well. There was once he ever told me he wanted to be a make up artist cum hair stylist when he grows up. Think i won't be shocked if he tells me he wants to attend one of those cosmetology schools in Wichita next time. Whatever will be, will be. I love him, so i will definitely support his dream.

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