Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kneel down with a gold bullion

I have a funny friend, he kneel down with a gold bullion and a bouquet of roses when he proposed to his girlfriend at one of the famous restaurant. Gosh, i would have to find a hole to bury my face if this unromantic case happened on me. But, her girlfriend still accepted his proposal happily. I do not mind to receive gold bullion during my birthday but ultimately not during the proposal day! I like gold of course, as the more gold you have, the more wealthy you are. But, i definitely prefer to get something which is perfect matching the occasion, such as diamond ring. Luckily i had a memorable proposal, all done in old fashioned way. :)

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SimpleJenn said...

The chinese saying " Nan er si xia you wang jin = Under the knees of a man kneeling, there's gold"