Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Treat them unbiasedly

My No.1 wanted to have a glass of fresh watermelon juice when we passed by the fresh fruit shop after we finished our dinner outside just now. The fresh watermelon juice is selling expensive there, about RMB20 per glass, but i still bought for him even there was no pestering sound near my ears. Actually, i bought 3 glasses for each of my kids although the two little ones were not able to finish the whole glass of juice. Well, i ain't rich but i wanted to treat them unbiasedly. That's a mother's life. All of my kids will have same bite of food no matter what i offer them, even if i buy the gold coin for my No.1 as his Christmas present, i will definitely get the two little ones the same presents too although they ain't know the actual meaning and value of keeping gold. :)

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