Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kids love to drink Yakult

My kids love Yakult, especially the little girl. She can drink few bottles if i let her drink freely. Of course, i limit one bottle for her everyday.

I hardly get the local made Yakult, normally i will get those imported from HK one. I somehow still skeptical taking the local made Yakult, actually both local and HK made are same in price. Of course the price will be different if i convert each currency back to Ringgit.

RMB8.8 = RM4.4
HKD8.8 = RM3.5

So, getting HK made Yakult from HK is more cheaper, but since i cannot go to HK everyday, so i force to get HK made Yakult from local retail shop, what to do, some money really have to let people earn it.

Back to the topic, actually i just wanted to share with you all about this Yakult light, as compared to original Yakult, i would choose to get this Yakult light more but it is more expensive undoubtedly. Can't really remember their exact amount, if not wrong, i paid around HKD13 for that 5 little bottles, expensive, huh?

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