Monday, October 20, 2008


I am very angry with the service provided by the Shen Zhen Bao An Society Insurance (SI), i went there this morning as i was requested by the Jo's teacher to apply the society insurance by myself as the teacher couldn't do it on behalf of me since we're foreigner. I was fine to go there but the service given to people is damn lousy, and those staffs like very un-educated, they didn't have smiling face and even would show you their irritating look when you keep asking them questions.

我今早到了深圳宝安的社保局, 说真的我实在看不起在里面做事的人, 态度差, 样子更差. 坐在基金还偿11号和13号柜台的服务人员, 态度差的令我想作呕. 问她们东西等于没问, 她们连望也不望下我, 不是摇头就是不理人, 我更看到有服务人员对一个阿姨大声的喝骂, 阿姨把表格填错了, 那小姐就非常不客气的乱骂人. 对于一个外国人来说, 我实在看不起那些人, 还说什么中国人很团结, 单单看这些名义上服务社会人却乱骂社会人的人, 其实就能想像他们是什么人. 一个没念过书的人, 我不跟他计较, 可是在社保局做工的人应该至少有中学毕业, 那有最基本的文化基础, 可是为什么却一点美德都没有呢?

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HN said...

I would write a complaint letter stating the exact date, time, counter number, and staff names hence see how they react .... If the person in the higher post reacts the same, which means the whole system is rotting ...