Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wanna order cheap eyeglasses

I was asked by few friends how's my recent trip, actually it's always fun to meet my family and friends again. What's more i had chance to eat the food i like again. I had been craving those hawker food for quite a long time, that's great i could finally sink my teeth on those super yummy foods. Actually this trip back i hardly used any money, as i would like to save my money for future, for a shopaholic like me, it's actually seemed hard to cut my spending. However i did try, i hardly shopped to branded shops for my maternity wear, as well as kids wear. Like one of my friend says "you won't wear maternity cloth for 365 days, so no point to spend huge money on those wears." I was agreed, that's why i just bought something cheap yet comfortable for myself. For the branded, i should have spent another more, but as for no branded, actually nothing much different if i put no branded with the branded together.

I had another mission wanted to be accomplished, that's to change my old specs. But terrible that i couldn't find a cheap specs in town, those selling price stated on specs are actually not worthed the money, what's more i know a lot of my blogger friends had got their
eyeglasses at cheap price yet high quality from online. So, why don't i just save my money and buy the specs from ZenniOptical, you know, at just $8 i can have a pretty and stylist specs. I was glad that i successfully stop myself for paying few hundred on my specs at the Optical shop in my place, i really should have to shop wisely in such a bad economic time. I even told my sister that she should spend wisely too, since she wants to change her specs, then we can just order form ZenniOptical, just for saving the shipping cost! Who wants to order? Please let me know, so that we can save more on the shipping.

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