Friday, October 03, 2008

Vehicle Reimbursement

We plan to have our own transport in this foreign country, without an own car, everywhere seems remote and hard to go. Sometimes i go panic too, as i just can't imagine how does the life like after No.3 is born. It is tough to take 3 kids to wave a taxi at the roadside, and taxi also cannot be occupied with 2 adults and 3 kids. That's why we think of having our own car.

A small car like Toyota Yaris is affordable, but it is not spacious enough for putting a baby carseat, as for Honda CRV, it is roomy for our family yet this top-notch Honda is expensive. Hubby is fine with the price of Honda CRV and he always has fancy over CRV, but my opinion is, we do not really need such an expensive car here, what's more we are not going to stay here for long. Therefore, i prefer a car which is cheap and also roomy, such as KIA. Let's see how, as we still need time to consider again.

Having a car will also increase our expenses too, a money that will go for petrol. Hubby's office is about 30mins away from our house, so we can roughly know how much of money we need to spend on petrol after doing a little bit of simple calculation. I have a friend whose company gives vehicle reimbursement, not sure hubby's one have this benefit or not. Vehicle reimbursement company is getting common nowadays, it actually benefits both employer and staff too. Perhaps should ask hubby checks out with his HR manager first before we heading to the car showroom.

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