Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL Jersey for autumn wear

The change of weather has made most of the people fell sick, even my hubby couldn't escape. Luckily, i am survived this time. The weather is getting windy of late, morning is always cold but hot in afternoon, this kind of sudden cold and sudden hot weather are easy to make people fall sick. I hope my hubby's germ won't pass to my boys, especially the little boy. He has been crying a lot lately, just like yesterday, he had those madly and crankiness cried for the whole afternoon, even went worse at midnight. I sincerely hope this little boy doesn't get sick, otherwise the whole family will be suffered.

Time just flies, it was like yesterday i was shopping for those Summer clothes for ready to CNY, but these days, i have been busying for hunting more sweater, jacket, long jeans, long pants and long sleeves for my boys. Last week i had just bought few sets of long sleeves and long pants for my boys, but those didn't seem enough as my elder boy needs to bring 3 sets of clothes to school everyday. So, i have to buy more for him to change. Had bought quite a lot of "Bob The Builder" jackets for him, even my hubby have made a lot of noises that his elder son doesn't look nice in "Bob The Builder" as he is no longer a little toddler. Hubby says i should buy those NFL Jerseys for him, so that our elder boy will look charm and smart and be the most special at his school. Perhaps hubby is right. Hubby's birthday is around the corner soon, maybe an adult NFL Jersey is perfect for hubby as well.

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Vivianz said...

it's cold in the morning liao ar?