Monday, October 20, 2008

A trip to Banson

A lot of people complained how the current economic crisis have affected them, but actually i really do not know are their words true enough to be trusted? Just look at my neighbor, who has been complaining how terrible of his current financial status is, but a little i knew that he actually just book a luxury family trip to Branson, so if you were me, would you still believe this guy has a financial hardship problem? Coincidentally, my man will travel to Branson, Missouri this coming December too, so these day my neighbor simply loves to visit us in order to get known more about Branson.

I have never been to Branson, but according to my Man, Branson is the wonderful place for getaway since it is a music and magic land, so, people like to address Branson as "Live Music Capital of the World". Of course traveling to a place, their historical and architectural building are always cannot be missed out. The attractions like The Titanic Museums, Veterans Memorial Museum and also Silver Dollar City are even have been attracting more than thousands of visitors every year. My man told my neighbor that he totally cannot miss out the thrill and excite rides in this famous theme park, Silver Dollar City, and what's more his 2 boys are following him to Branson too.

One thing i know for sure is, perhaps my neighbor doesn't have financial hardship, but as for us, yes, we have, if not, i will bring along my boys to join my hubby's Branson business trip too. Actually, i have put my name at their contest form, just pray hard i can win the 3 days/2 nights Deluxe Lodging Branson vacation, hehe...

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