Wednesday, January 07, 2009

23 Weeks

Today marks i am in 23 weeks in pregnancy. Actually i have nothing new to update as most of the symptoms are still same as previous week. However, i just wanted to chalk up something about my pregnancy.

Time flies, it is just hard to be believed i have actually gone through the half and another 17 weeks to go. Not really decided where to give birth to my baby, however, i have asked my mum to book a CL for me, at least situation won't be that chaos if i really give birth in Sabah.

At 23 weeks : -
- Back pain, yeah, still suffering it.
- Pee a lot as i always feel there's a press on my bladder.
- Baby moves a lot.
- Tummy size : 94.8cm
- Weight : 68kg (using own scale)
- Have porky thighs.
- Tummy tends to grow more to right side.
- Low tummy.
- Feel like throwing when i see fresh chicken and pork fleshes.
- Like sweet, spicy and sour.
- Like coffee.

I have not gone for my pregnancy check up after my last checking on 24/11/08, have planned to do one before i am going back to Sabah as i need a letter to board the plane.

I went to gynae's clinic on Monday (5/1/09) to get myself a pack of multivitamin. Pretty ridiculous as i have to pay the medicine prescription fee other than paying the multivitamin, and the prescription fee was even more expensive than the multivitamin itself. The prescription fee charged at HKD30 whereas the multivitamin just charged at HKD20.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Huh, even got prescription fee? Wow, very soon you can hold your baby in your arms. So is it a boy or a girl this time?