Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No more ambition

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I am wondering when i can get my computer problem fixed. Actually i have been thinking to format my computer, but was told it at least takes 3 days to clear the virus and reformat my hard disk. Gosh, i didn't think i could survive 3 days without computer, so off i didn't send my computer for a repair. I guessed my life might have been too depended on computer. That's the power of technology, have changed our human lifestyle. Even education can be done online, that's why getting a degree online is very common nowadays. Despite your age and your background, you can simply go for it if you decide to equip yourself with more knowledge. I have heard a lot of success stories about Capella University, even one of my cousin was graduated from Capella. How i wish i could study now, but with the kids in tow, i could just put my ambition aside.

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