Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More fishes more protein

Fried Ma-Gao fish (马鲛鱼)
Steam fish (not sure about the fish name)

We're very into eating fish lately, more fishes more protein, that's definitely good for a pregnant woman. Actually i am sort of lady who doesn't like fish, but due to pregnant, it's wise to take more fishes, good for mother and good for the growing baby. Hubby, opposite of me who prefers fish more than other poultry. As for Jo, he only likes to have steam fish and likes his rice mixed with the gravy. With the gravy, i can save my time for not boiling soup. As for the fried Ma-Gao fish, i normally would squeeze lemon juice on top of the fish rather than using soy sauce. The fish tastes delicious with lemon juice and lemon is good to be used for removing the fishy and the heat from frying.

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Binky! said...

When we have deep-fried fish at home, I usually make soy sauce with sliced fresh chili and squeezed lime juice (all mixed together) to go with the fish.