Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Maid story..

I don't have a very smart maid, well, i can't blame her. If she was smart enough, then she won't be a maid. But sometimes i just felt too hard to control my anger, and sometimes i felt like i wanted to scream at her. Something like she has never used her brain when doing things.

I have a stainless steel wok which was quite expensive, bought it at about few hundred of RMB. But this aunt simply treats my wok like the normal cheap wok, and she has never cleaned the wok properly. I was shocked just now when i saw the bottom of my wok, gosh, it was all burnt and some part looked yellowish whereas other part looked brownish. In brief, the wok didn't look like my beloved wok anymore.

I told her (in very nicely way) that she must wash the inner part and also the bottom part too everytime after i cook. Both parts are important to keep cleaned in order to extend the wok's life, i didn't know how much she could understand my words, however, i would make sure she cleans it everytime after i cook. Luckily i have baking soda at home, i poured quite a lot of baking soda powder onto the bottom of the wok, and the powder just like a magic wand and a brand new wok was given back to me after a few washes and rubs just now.

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Binky! said...

Maybe the hormonal changes in your pregnancy also makes you get angry faster.. Anyway, you are so lucky to have a maid.