Friday, April 10, 2009

Ensure milk

My friend has a pair of cheeky twins, i love to see their photos as both of them are having a very fair skin. Was told by my friend that she had been drinking a lot of ensure milk while pregnant with her twins. So, she sincerely thinks that Ensure milk is good for pregnant woman and the unborn baby too. As for me, being affected by her also drinking 2 cups of Ensure milk everyday. I am carrying a baby girl this time and have always hoped my baby can have a fair complexion too, so nothing beats to try her "recipe" to get a fair skin baby. Somemore i have ever read a study says soy milk is always better for health than cow's milk, and it is less fat in soy milk. So, if you're pregnant who is also a health freak, then soy milk perhaps is your best choice.

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blinka.Li said...

Maybe you should think of buying some soy beans and boil it on your own if you are really a health freak!!It is fresh and you can do without the sugar too...wah, so lucky, can have a girl!! :)