Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go honeymoon vacation every other month

I wish i had a honeymoon vacation when i just married to my hubby. But that time we were just unaffordable to go to any vacation due to we did not have much savings in bank. As for today, though we are affordable but we just do not have such a luxury time to go for any traveling. Life is hectic, what's more with 3 kids along soon, so it is just too hard to juggle work and kids at the same time then much less about having romantic vacation. I have always jealous those couples could have romantic vacations throughout the year, some had even gone for vacation every other month, sigh, i really wonder when will my vacation days come true?

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Anonymous said...

I was surfing for info on bandung and I found your blog. Me and hub used to honeymoon monthly till the kids came along. For years we honeymooned wt our 2 boys (8 and 9 yrs old) and only lately, after 9 yrs, we are attempting to rekindle the romance again. It's an effort but leaving the little devils home alone is part relieve/joy and part headache. Hub reminds me that the boys will eventually grow up and have their own lives and therefore I'll be "stuck" with him. So, we are making an effort to enjoy each others company without the boys. We try to go away for hols atleast 2x a year, one with the family and the other our honeymoon. And for treats, we check-in to hotels and pretend we are tourist, again sometimes wt the kids and times without. My boys understand that we need to go "dating".