Wednesday, April 15, 2009

37 weeks

It has been ages since i last updated my pregnancy, so today i better jot something down before i forget everything.

At 37 weeks : -
- i have pain everywhere, the pain simply killing me and i do not know what is the best sleeping position is good for me, left side, right side or on my back? Actually none of them is perfect for me.
- baby's head is down, i guessed..because i have been feeling the pressure on my bladder and the frequency to loo is getting more and more.
- i can't see my belly button anymore, perhaps i am going to give birth soon!
- have been so tired, from head to toe.

I am yet to prepare my hospital bag, will try to do it tonight if both the boys can go to bed before 9pm, and if i don't fall asleep with them. Otherwise, will just do it tomorrow.

As for my confinement lady, sigh, she has given me a big "aeroplane", so now i am still hunting a new replacement! Wish me good luck!


Vien said...

LOL! I thought you sudah beranak. Well, hang in there!

Debbie Y said...

whoaoao...y so fast?? 37 weeks? oh mind...wish you have a smooth delivery.