Thursday, April 16, 2009

First payment from AdSense

I've finally received my first payment from Google AdSense, sigh, after about 20 months of putting the AdSense in my blogs, anyway, the little USD102.43 did bring me about RM368.18, woo, that's really not bad at all. I was told that some bloggers can earn about few thousands of Ringgit from Adsense every month, actually i wonder how they make this happens every month, perhaps they have very good blog traffic!?! How i wish i could earn as much as them, but i don't think i have such an extra time to let myself to sit in front of the laptop to maintain my blogs, actually being a mother should know what is the main priority of life other than making money, and that's why i have never had chance to earn a big money. I think i still very much into being a mother rather than being a good earner.

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Merryn said...

i dunno how adsense work. even when i have traffic, nothing increases unless someone click on my advert. i tot each time my traffic reaches the 1000th mark, i will get something, but nothing.. 1000th mark come n gone so many times, still nothing! hahahaha haih.. so i just let it there n slowly like a tortoise (slower than that actually), earning cents by cents.. :)

my nuffnang works faster! but then, adsense is in USD! advantage there a little bit!