Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When does the baby come out

I have very crazy mind lately that i hope i could give birth asap, i simply cannot wait till my duedate which is on 6/5. I have pain everywhere and i cannot stand it anymore, somemore i hardly get a nice sleep at night as every position just turns out a severe ache for me. I have never experienced such a body ache for my previous 2 pregnancies, but this time the pain simply killing me! Other than the body ache i am so tired too, perhaps i have not been sleeping well at night. Now i just hope everything can get back to normal in no time, sigh, pregnant is really not an easy task after you over your 30 years old.

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janice said...

i had that feeling too.. hehehe.. just be patient.. soon baby will come whn u least expected !.. hehehe..

take care !