Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweetie Pie loves her hair very much

My sweetie pie loves to have her hair tied, girl being girl, she sure has the inborn nature to love her hair being tied up into many many styles, be it a backside ponytail or two ponytails at the both side up of her ears. She always looks pretty and cute once she has got her hair tied. Now i have more excuse to convince my hubby in order to keep her hair without any cut, what i feel like girl must have a girl's look, that's why i insist to keep her hair long. And i wish she can wear braids very soon. Whenever my second boy sees his sister has her hair tied, he likes to join in too, but how can i tie his hair up? My hubby doesn't mind to tie up his hair, his excuse is just let his son to have fun with his soft and smooth hair, that's what i hate the most. My second boy is definitely a spoilt boy, so i think my hubby will nod his head whenever my little boy says he wants to go to Cosmetology school in Maryland one day in future. Well, every profession produces its own leading, so perhaps i will nod my head too!

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