Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look old and dry

Anything can be used for boosting my breasts milk supply? I have been having low milk supply lately which leads to have a frequent crying baby every night who does not have full tummy. I have tried to make her formula but she hates it and will still continue crying. If this happens, then the whole household will get awake due to her crying. So, tell me how to boost my breasts milk flowing? I don't mind to have plentiful milk flowing which can eventually wet my shirt. As long as my baby can fall asleep satisfyingly then i can sacrifice too. I should find out the method as soon as possible, a look at home medical supplies site is a must now. I cannot stand to wake up hourly anymore. The sleep deprivation i have now is seriously devastating my look, just like i have been told by some neighbors that i look old and dry!

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