Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blog disappears

Nothing is safe, i only know this phrase deeply after i lost my blog recently. I was too rely on my web hosting company until i have forgotten how to backup my blog's data. It sounds so ridiculous, being an experienced programmer before but never do an offline backup in my local hard disk. I should have done my backup, i know it is way too late to say this!

So, i have learned a severe lesson, the whole blog disappears but none compensation i can get from my hosting company. That's terrible and i will never host my blogs with them again!

I wonder is there any hosting company provided compensation for blogger if the blogger ever experienced blog data lost due to the careless of hosting company itself? Blogosphere is unlike automobile, most probably you will get infinity auto insurance review if you have car, but you definitely won't get blog insurance for your blog. Perhaps you want it but there is none!

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