Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will leave the house soon

I am leaving the house in another 1 hour to HK with my baby. Need to bring her to have her last dose of Pneumococcal jab which it actually dues on this Thursday. However this Thursday is her first birthday so no point to rush here and there, and according to weather forecast, it will be raining too. So today is a good day to bring her down to HK.

I need to get ready now. Time is slipping away and i still have to put the cold spoons on my eyes to get rid of the ugly dark circles. Sigh, have not been sleeping well lately because my baby has been crying for my tits every hour at night. You know, i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding as she seems never get full by just drinking my milk. :(

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Baby Darren said...

Have not been visiting ur blog for a long time.

So proud of you that you are still breastfeeding ur baby till now - 1 year old. Still remember how you struggle with the unexpected 3rd baby. But you still have the preseverence to b/f - it is really not easy. I really respect you. Don't give up..u are doing a really good job.