Friday, April 16, 2010

Imbalance thinking

Be frankly i feel so sick of being a mother sometimes, and i feel disappointed easily when i need to do everything by myself but the man of the household just relaxing comfortably on the sofa and watching telly. Perhaps he still thinks he is a single and can do whatever he likes after he comes back from work. That's why i feel quite imbalance sometimes especially during the time the kids drive me to nuts. Wrinkles are getting more and more and my body is getting weak too ever since i became a mother, life is definitely not easy when you are a full time mother. Luckily i have my health insurance bought, at least i could have peace of mind if there was something bad happened on me. How about you? Do you have yours? For the health insurance, you can either get the long term or NC short term health insurance, do check it out if you still do not have any. Better protect yourself especially if you are a mother!

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