Friday, April 23, 2010

Bread lover

I like bread to max, it simply can substitute my proper meals. But due to i still need to breastfeed my baby, i have to take at least a proper meal once a day, so normally i will have RICE for my lunch, whereas BREAD is for my breakfast as well as dinner.

My favorite sandwich :-

How to say a big NO when such a yummy sandwich putting in front of your eyes? Having said so, they can trigger body heat easily if you take toast bread too frequent. Body head not only will cause fever and sore throat, it will cause acne too. Luckily there is always magic acne products ready to make the acne disappears in a jiffy.

I still look pretty slim even though i have been consuming quite a lot of carb foods. Thanks to my baby who is a 100% breastfed baby and her high milk intake makes my fat been shedding off twice faster than normal.

My latest weight, photo taken this early morning. See, i am at 51.5kg. :-)

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MK mummy said...

yea, breastfeeding is such a great calories burner... I just ate everything, dont need to worry about weight gain when I was bf, now, I have to watch my weight liao :(