Friday, April 16, 2010

I need a peaceful rest

Am feeling so sick now, flu and cough are here to attack my body. Been sick since last Saturday, thought my body would be getting better and better each days, but the situation just opposite. I have just taken an antibiotic pill, so now i am seriously thinking to stop breastfeeding my baby. She is almost 1 and i think i have done my job well to breastfeed her, perhaps i should really think of putting a full stop to this breastfeeding journey. I need a proper and uninterrupted rest, for the moment i am seriously deprived of proper rest, so i think a rest can liven up my spirit again. It is still way too early to think of funeral planning, normally this is quite a taboo subject to be discussed by Chinese, well, i am quite open-minded and i don't mind to have it planned earlier, but i think some peaceful rest is what i want the most now.

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