Tuesday, May 30, 2006

10 Most Hopeful

  1. I hope my family can settle down in a stable place instead of moving around to different places.
  2. I hope i can see the bright sun in order to beauty up my balcony with colourful quilt and bedsheet.
  3. I hope i can totally relief from the pain of tonsilitis.
  4. I hope i can have one GOD instead of have to believe some superstitious's necromancer.
  5. I hope my son does behave like a good and smart boy instead of acting like a monkey that tricking his parents.
  6. I hope i can buy my son a big bucket of Lego before we are leaving this place.
  7. I hope i can buy as much as Esprit during my last shopping in HK.
  8. I hope to pack my belongings faster without Jo's disturbance.
  9. I hope to have a baby girl on my next pregnancy.
  10. I hope my pregnancy plan can be carried on if my next staying place isn't harsh to bear.

Why i'm so hopeful:

  1. I have had shifted 6 times of house, everytime i was like "give and give and give" my thingies to everyone that interested in, and the ridiculous that i have to buy the thingies again in my new place.
  2. It's raining every second, every minute, every hour continuously without stop.
  3. I have to control my meal to avoid heaty and spicy food, otherwise i will suffer tonsilitis easily. But worse that i am craving for a piece of steak at the moment.
  4. I know i will be being forced by believing the necromancer for straighten Jo's legs.
  5. I hate to act like a crazy woman to scold, smack and chase my son surrounding the mall or even the street. I hate him to excuse himself by telling lie to us.
  6. Recently Jo develops his Lego skills very well, he could sit still and build the sets if the mall has Lego provided. I bought a Mega Block for him when he was 1 year old, but i'm not sure where is the blocks now after moved my Puchong house. Personally i think the bucket is more cheaper than M'sia but i know it's impossible to bring back due to its size.
  7. I like Esprit every much, i do hope my luggage has enough space for lodging my clothes.But since we're almost overloaded with our luggages, so have to lay aside the plan.
  8. We're rushing for our packing, but Jo just keeps disturbing us. He even threw my wanted things without telling me.
  9. I hope i can have a daughter, is it possible?
  10. I hope i can pregnant again after September, but does my new place is suitable for pregnancy?


mumsgather said...

Wow! So many wishes. Hope they all come true for you. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Good to wish...baby girl sure can one. Work Hard & good luck ;)

blurblur said...

May all your wishes come true! :)

I have the same wish of getting pregnant by this year and hope for a baby girl too...hee...let's work for our 'goal'! :)

Zara's Mama said...

I like Esprit very much too.. since secondory school day.. but I find them very pricey nowadays and the design too trendy.. cannot bring myself to buy them.

Those clothes that I bought which are Esprit, can really tahan. I have a 15yrs old t-shirt from there which I'm still wearing to sleep..

Aaah.. moving house.. I hate it.. Luckily I don't have to do much.

AsleyLee said...

Mumsgather - Not many la, all the wishes are current wishes, maybe tomorrow will have other wishes!

Immomsdaughter - Thanks! I have to read more on this issue prior to conceive.

BlurBlur - Thanks! Ok, let's "kam-pa-teh" together! See who first..hahaha...

Zara's mama - Ya, Esprit has good quality. Do you know HK got Esprit outlet that sells very very cheap Esprit's stuffs like belt, shoes, wallet, jacket, cardigan, pants and etc...It's much more cheaper than the Esprit retail shop.

magictree said...

I wish your wish will all come to reality! If not, I think we already have lots of blessings to count for!

AsleyLee said...

MagicTree - Ya, agreed! At least i have a healthy family and a lovely son!

Sarah's Mummy said...

I hope that all ur hopes & dreams will come true! =)

kelly said...

I hate house moving too..We are going to move house for the 3rd time next month in Singapore. Hope you'll realize all your wishes soon..:)

AsleyLee said...

Sarah's mummy - Thanks! Pray hard for me!

Kelly - I hate too, so tired to clean up the mess after moving and even before moving! But i always have to move around...sigh!

Blogie-Talkie said...

Wishes granted.......... oh, sorry, my Magic warn no good,, 靠妳自己了!加油、‧

Allyfeel said...

If there is a will, there is a way. Hope all your hopes and wishes come true. Dun forget to put effort also if you want another baby girl. :)