Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I'm saying Jo, can i say him as an addictologist? Maybe he isn't that serious, but sometimes i really can't stand his overly addiction.

What he likes to say everyday:
1. "Oi nen-nen" (Want milk)

He wants his milk again and again. Normally he would request his milk after every 2 hours.

2. "Kai-kai" (go out makan angin)
Despite of day or night, cloudy or raining, go out is his another addiction. Sometimes i told him outside is very hot and not suitable to have outgoing, but he's smart to cap himself before stepping out the door.

3. "Shi-shi" (电视TV)
He wants to on the TV despite of what time is it, watch and watch from morning till night. Recently, TV is his lullaby before he can have his sweet dream again.

4. "Bei-bei" (blanket, actually is a piece of single bed sheet)
Provided i put his blanket inside the washing machine, he would start yelling and whinning non-stop until the cane out. He even trying to pull the wet blanket out from the machine.

5. "Tang-tang" (Sweet)
I can't deny that most of the kids are addicted to sweet, but he wants it everyday, every moment and especially when i doing my grocery shopping in the mart. He's smart to choose which kind of sweet he wanted. Recently, he loves to choose ice-cream too when he passing by the ice-cream fridge. It was so funny to listen his cacoepy (发音不准) saying as "ah-kim". Hopefully he won't addict to ice-cream.

6. "Bong-bong" (Bath)
Kids love water, that's unchangeable truth, but overly addicted to play water isn't good for health too. And even waste water and money. Jo wants to "bong-bong" wherever somebody is taking bath there. Somemore, he would demand mummy to bath him everytime we're back from outside.

7. "Ball-ball"
Jo wants to go out with his ball when come to the time of sunset, of course he is not slamming his ball to basket and not kicking his ball to goal. Most of the time he just run and run around the grass field with his giggling sound. Badly, he always fall down easily as he has serious bend legs.

What he does:
1. Holding the key
He wants to help mummy to lock the door most of the time before we are going out. But unfortunately, he doesn't like to pass back the key to us after locking the door.

2. Holding "something"
-- He would hold something (mug, yakult's bottle, cup, bowl... as long as it can fill water inside) before entering into the bathroom. Everyday is like this, if bath 3 times a day then hold 3 times.
-- He would hold something (chopstick, spoon....whatever little gadgets from kitchen) on the bed before sleeping. Just hold without playing and sometimes he would look for the "something" again if the "something" not in his hand at midnight.
-- He would hold something (whatever from his first glance) before we go out for breakfast every morning. I always impart him and play tricks for saying the "something" will get lost if bringing it out, but he is smart to hold the "something" without releasing it.

3. Bottomless
He likes to be bottomless at home and even at outside. Why? Pants not nice to wear? When he wants to pee, he can take off his pants immediately no matter where is the place, even in the cosy restaurant. Does he know what is shamefulness?

How to release those bad habits? Overly addicted will become a habit!


Lazy Bone said...

New home! didn't expect I'm the first to cut the ribbon... :)
Any champagn or cake or party for the new 'home'? :D
- suzette (aka lazybone) -

Twinsmom said...

I am here cut ribbon LOL...

eh, what your Jo wants exactly same like my Annabelle leh!

AsleyLee said...

Suzette - Welcome, welcome! Champagne for you as you're the first visitor of my new blog!

Maria - Champagne for you too as second visitor. Only the first three have champagne, don't know who is the third?

Lazy Bone said...

Hahaha! Thanks! But limiting comments to Blogger may restrict others from leaving comments though... ;)
- suzette -

mumsgather said...

I'm the third. Pass the champagne please??! My boy also must hold
1) cup when bathing
2) toy car when sleeping (and no other car will do accept his favourite blue one) so every night I have to hunt for it as its quite small and gets lost easily. Hahaha.

AsleyLee said...

Suzette - No limitation la, ok ok, anyone has a glass of champagne.

Mumsgather - Your boy has specific item to hold before sleeping, but my son can hold whatever as long as from kitchen. My brother used to say him will be a chef once he grows up.

Jesslyn said...

see u left the link in Twinsmom's blog, only know u got new blog!
Jo's chinese name not bad hor!
he call TV as ShiShi? like peeing ler! lol

Potential Mom said...

erm..bottomless.... my neighbour which live opposite my house ( is a flat ). my neighbour got ` grandson, which also bottomless... he dun like to wear pants at home... normally their door will open, and this boy will stand at the door step when i open my gate.. and... he always let me see his bird bird...

is very annoying... my mom did ask the boy why dun1 to wear pants, actually my mom wanna hint the neighbour so that can wear for him... but, they stil the same.. let him be... i think is a habit... and not nice lor.. cos we staying at the flat, my door is facing their house door.. everytime i can see... aighhh.....

really shud get rid of this!!! bad bad habit...

jazzmint said... blog huh :). to walk around bottomless. Maybe it's more airy, weather hot mah :)

AsleyLee said...

Jess - Yalo, finally change to blogspot as blogspot can do more fancy stuffs than MSN's space.

"Shi-shi" is han-yu-ping-yin for TV.

Potential Mom - I have to see my son bottomless, too ugly. Your neighbour quite "dai-b" as can't get your mother's hint. Try to say distinct to your neighbour.

If adult bottomless already can call police, but kids always got exception.

Jasmine - But here is spring now, not that hot la..Definitely can't read his mind.

Sue said...

Welcome to Blogger :P

Lazy Bone said...

btw, huisia, have you sent me the recipe? I just realised that my mail accounts in were deleted, dunno how it happened! Maybe that's why I didn't get your mail on the recipe. :) Do you mind re-sending?
- suzette -

AsleyLee said...

Sue - Thanks! So, drop yourself often lo..

Suzette - Emm....actually don't have your email address, please give me your address.

Tracy said...

*sob sob sob* I'm the last one to know. How silly of me. I thought u are still at the 'old' blog. So sorry Hui Sia.

Anyway, WELCOME TO BLOGSPOT! Happy blogging.

AsleyLee said...

Tracy - Oh, sayang, don't cry! You're not the last la....